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After you make your purchase, you will receive a serial number that needs to be entered into a trial version. This will remove all limitation. This serial number is valid for all versions of the software that will be released later. This means you will never have to pay for the upgrades.

Purchasing one copy of the software lets you install and use the software on all your computers. When filling in the purchase form, make sure you enter all information correctly, most importantly your e-mail. Otherwise, we will be unable to send you registration information. If you had not received your registration code after certain time (several minutes for the credit card/PayPal and up to two weeks for other payments), please contact us at sales@3planesoft.com

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If you want to update your registration data in our database, please send your e-mail to sales@3planesoft.com with "Change registration information" in the Subject line. Also include e-mail address and the name you entered when making the purchase.