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TOP 10

Grand Canyon

The vastness, might and superb colors of Arizona's Grand Canyon on your screen!


Amazing, bright, vivid and stunningly beautiful 3D watermill screensaver.

Deep Space

A screensaver showing a far galaxy surrounded by planetary systems and nebulas.

Digital Clock

Watch the history of digital timepieces from the 1950s to the present.

Futuristic City

Gaze into the future from your desk with this 22nd-century live wallpaper!

Sky Citadel

Fortress lost in the clouds: breathtaking view of the fantastic landscape

Zodiac Clock

Stylish PC alarm clock with a full collection of Zodiac constellations.


Turn your monitor into a realistic space shuttle window!

Mechanical Clock

Fascinated by clock mechanisms? Get this cool Mechanical Clock 3D screensaver.

Blooming Sakura

Spring in Japan: an animated screensaver with a background of sakura on Fujiyama

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