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TOP 10

Deep Space

A screensaver showing a far galaxy surrounded by planetary systems and nebulas.

Futuristic City

Gaze into the future from your desk with this 22nd-century live wallpaper!

Halloween Village

Join in the spooky fun by visiting the Halloween Village.

Medieval Castle

A jaw-dropping 3D castle screensaver with an immersive medieval atmosphere.

Sandy Beach

The gentle waves won’t wash away your desktop icons but they’ll help you relax!

Sun Village

Plunge into the peaceful and cheerful atmosphere of Sun Village Screensaver!

Fall Village

A fall evening in a little village clad in a golden attire of fallen leaves.


Turn your PC into a fireplace with the help of the Fireplace screensaver.

Grand Canyon

The vastness, might and superb colors of Arizona's Grand Canyon on your screen!

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