Best 3D screensavers and wallpapers


Winter Walk

Create a Christmas mood with a walk around the winter forest

Sun Village

Plunge into the peaceful and cheerful atmosphere of Sun Village Screensaver!

Japanese Garden

Harmony and serenity among plants, rocks, and water.

Winter Cottage

A close-knit family has arrived in their cozy cottage for the Christmas holiday.

Snow Village

The village residents are ready to welcome Christmas to their homes!

Night Monuments

A trip around a dreamlike plateau surrounded by myriads of stars

Autumn Walk

The sun rays are illuminating the golden and scarlet tree crowns of the autumn forest

Summer Wonderland

The shadowy meadow will protect everyone from the blazing summer sun

Sandy Beach

The gentle waves won’t wash away your desktop icons but they’ll help you relax!

Sunny Patio

Walk along the streets of an old town and enjoy the fascinating sea view.